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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 30, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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them. you got support from your foreign desk. you got readings and papers to read. you got, you got briefings and you got some sort of opening to -- >> eric: i have to cut you off for actual news. there is mohamed elbaradei, live -- >> speaking of foreign news. >> eric: right now. we got it live right here. >> terrific. >> eric: thanks. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. thank you for keeping it on thank you for keeping it on fox. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon bream live in washington. egypt is a country on the brink. tensions announce as the military jet buzz capitol in a she of force. president hosni mubarak meets with the military, trying to give the impression he is still in control but the protesters aren't buying. they're flooding the street for a sixth day as opposition leader mohamed elbaradei joined them. is the u.s. turning up the heat on the long time ally behind the scenes? secretary of state hillary clinton calls on egypt to make
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a move toward democracy. we have fox news team coverage from the halls of washington to streets of cairo. that's where we begin with greg palkot. greg? >> reporter: they, shannon. we are a couple of hours in the curfew that is called evidence day now here at 4:00 -- every day now here at 4:00 p.m. some parts are quiet but the central square, liberation square that has seen bloodshed and conflict over the last couple of days we're told from the fox news team on the ground, there are thousands of protesters still in place there. you noted a significant development. mohamed elbaradei, noted nobel peace prize laureate there as well. he would like to make a run against hosni mubarak. he has been critical of the government as the protesters in the streets have. he would like to be the next president. he has been around house arrest since friday. he has broken out of that,
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according to journalists our confirmation on the ground and with the grounds there. significant play for a little bit of a grouping of this opposition which so far has been a bit fractured under several different leaders. we were there earlier in the day, at that square. we watched as the military egypt flexed the muscles. more than 20 tanks rolling in the square. you'd think there would be confrontation, but the word is they're just there. relations between the protest and military has been good. protesters seeing the army as an ally in their effort to make change there. as you noted in the skies over cairo for an hour-and-a-half today, we witnessed quite an amazing sight. f-1 fighter jets buzzing around the city. swooping down low. it has to remember that hosni
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mubarak is a former air force commander in egypt. perhaps he used the fire power to show he is still around, for the moment. back to you. >> shannon: greg palkot live on thestein. thank you, greg. fox news confirms american officials are taking step to move u.s. citizens out of egypt and quickly. they have been organizing flights to get americans out of the country first thing torment. they're allowing non-departure of non-emergency employee. there is a travel warning that recommends american avoid travel to the area. real democracy not a military dictatorship is what secretary of state hillary clinton expects to be the outcome of the protest in egypt. made the comment on "fox news sunday." jim angle is following the reaction. >> the u.s. trying to maintain a difficult balance here to fully embrace demands for
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change in egypt without calling for the departure of egyptian leader hosni mubarak who has long resisted reforms but also one of the closest u.s. allies in the region. secretary of state hillary clinton walked the fine line this morning on "fox news sunday" referring to the legitimate grievances of the egyptian people. >> well, we have been very clear we want to see a transition to democracy, and we want to see the kind of steps taken that will bring that about. we also want to see an orderly transition. >> orderly transition suggests new leadership, new policies. so far, the protests, though violent have been secular. aimed more at the democratic and economic reforms with little evidence that radical islamic groups are behind the protest. the u.s. appears to believe that the sooner reforms are undertaken the less risk there is, the movement could be
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hijacked by radical groups. >> what we don't want is chaos. i don't think the egyptian people want that. they want grievances to be addressed. we also don't want to see some take over that would lead not to democracy, but to oppression. >> that would be the worst outcome, one u.s. hopes to avoid. they say it was the beginning of a democratic sunni in the arab world. mubarak appoint advice president after leaving the post vacant for his almost 30 years in power. the question is whether it's too little, too late. those in the street and some opposition leaders are warning the protests will continue until he and those connected to him are gone. leaving questions about what could follow. that's why the u.s. has been urging the egyptian government to respond with, "concrete steps for democratic and economic reform." secretary clinton was careful
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not to push mubarak to leave and i cysting on smooth transition. >> shannon: thank you, jim. with egypt descending in chaos, president hosni mubarak was forced to make a move he delayed for 30 years, as jim told us about: naming a vice president. he appointed omar suleiman to the post yesterday. so who is suleiman? he is a close confidant of mubarak and has been egypt's foreign intelligence chief since 1993. the 74-year-old has strong diplomatic credentials, playing a key role in the palestinian israeli peace process and influential military figure, twoebt -- rose to ranks and credited saving mubarak's life once insisted he arrived in an armor car that was later attacked by gunman. more censorship, al-jazeera has been taken off the air in egypt. they have been covering the protest and calls the ban, "an attempt to stifle and repress open reporting." the egyptian government wanted it off the air. the government has been
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cracking down on the social media outlets that started up earlier in the week, reporting on the incident. president obama and his national security advisor has been keeping a close eye on the protest in egypt and how they are being handling, holding a two-hour meeting yesterday. joining us with insight into that and what the middle east unrest means for the u.s. is senior fellow of foreign policy at the brookings institution. thank you for coming in today. >> hi, shannon. let's talk about first of all, what is at stake for the u.s. interest as this plays out? >> as you know, egypt is first of all, the bellwether of the arab world to be blunt. we have important allies in the arabian peninsula to produce oil and they are important for different way. but setting the course for the region, egypt has 80 million people, far and away the largest sunni arab state. iran's come rabblely big. bellwether, along with the key pillar in israel and beginning of arab-israeli peace, crucial
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to the long-term interest. dealing with the islamic extremism. we are concerned that we have government in the region that can keep a lid on that. we are afraid of the unrest but the kind that would bring others to power. >> shannon: it's a delicate balance of what the administration says publicly. how much pressure are we putting on the president, current president mubarak behind the scenes and publicly as well? how do we find the right tone and right balance? >> fascinating question. clinton's words were carefully chosen. we want a real transition to democracy, or more democracy. what does that mean? does that mean that mubarak should not run in the election in september? does it mean if he does run, he should allow international observers to validate a real fair election, in which the
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press can cover everybody equalably and the opposition can develop a candidate without description? it seems that way. words are vague enough that you andvy a kfgs about that. that -- have a conversation about that. we can recognize we don't have control over this. if we choose an outcome and we don't get it, it makes us look weak and may start a process we can't control. i think her words were as firm as you will get. other alternative is go for a complete pledge by mubarak not to run in september, which would be a fascinating demand. but we're not quite ready to do it. >> shannon: how do you think the way we engaged with egypt in the last 30 years, mubarak's role, how do you it now plays out when we are forced in a way, not yet but to take a side eventually. have we done the right thing backing him up to this point? >> he has been better than a lot of dictators. i would probably go along with vice president biden when he famously said a few days ago
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that mubarak is not a dictator. in my use of the word that's probably correct. however, he is an autocrat. a strong-armed leader and stifled dissent and not allowed democracy to gradually increase. you would thought he would have allowed more each year and election cycle and the presidential cycle. but the last race he had nominal opposition candidate run against him but the parliamentary election this fall were suppressed. i think in the last few years, we have probably gone too far tolerating him. it's time to reassess. this is not a partisan issue. as you say it's been a 30-year american policy but it may be a moment to reassess. >> shannon: michael, fascinating to have your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: the white house is planning to give a special delivery to congress this valentine's day. not flowers or chocolate. it's the president's 2012 fiscal year budget. he is calling for five-year non-security discretionary spending freeze. the goal, of course, is to lower the budget deficit by $400 billion. the non-partisan congressional
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budget office estimates that the federal budget deficit in fiscal year 2011 will hit $1.48 trillion. house speaker john boehner says the possibility that america could default on the debt because congress can't get the act together is not an option. boehner chose to sit down with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace for his first sunday show interview since becoming speaker. we have more on the interview. >> the dollars and cents battle are largely the same. john boehner spoke on "fox news sunday." his plate is full. new budget battle looming. congressmen going to grapple with raising the debt limit at some point. now at $14.3 trillion. we should reach it in coming months. speaker says he doesn't want to see default of the debt but wants the president to agree to big spending cuts.
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>> listen, there has been a spend i spending spree in washington beyond control. president is going to ask us to increase the debt limit then he has to be willing to cut up the credit cards. we have to work together and listen to the american people and reducing the obligations that we have. >> the administration is warned that the default on the debt would be catastrophic. and pushing that ceiling as soon as possible, but republicans will try to use it for leverage for major concessions. and on to more pressing issues, speaker boehner says yes, he is willing to play golf with the president. so far there hasn't been any outreach from the white house, he says. he is game. and because boehner is considered by just about all accounts to be a much better player than the president he is also going to spot him some strokes. that would be a fun match to watch, but the president may press for a game of basketball instead. shannon, he was practicing this morning with his daughters. >> shannon: maybe they should have a decathlon where they did all kind of sporting events. >> watch out for the javelin.
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>> shannon: thank you. you can catch boehner's interview with chris today on "fox news sunday." that's after our show. that interview will air along with an interview with secretary of state hillary clinton, all the latest on egypt. that is at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. now to domestic news, the house republicans are in the majority and making good on their promise to hold congressional hearings on healthcare. will the hearings which some say are largely ceremonial do anything besides drive a deeper wedge between democrats and g.o.p.? joining us is congressman dugeete, from colorado. thank you for your time today. >> good morning, shannon. >> all right twhashgs did you make of the hearings this week? we had one in house ways and means and budget committee and more to come. >> what we have said is if there is places to fix the healthcare bill to make it better we're willing to do that. out right repeal would take
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away benefits that you are seeing and put the kids up to 26 on insurance policy, no discrimination for gender and put the kids with preexisting conditions on. all of those things that the republicans voted to wipe out. it is unclear to us what they plan to replace it with. if there are ways to agree to fix it, for example, taking away the tax burdens for reporting on small businesses. we're happy to do that. but we haven't seen it yet. >> shannon: what is the mood mop democrats on capitol hill as, you know, the g.o.p. succeeded in the repeal vote in the house. there is almost no chance. although anything can happen on capitol hill that it will succeed in the senate and not if it got to the president's desk. what is the mood among democrats? >> we are confused. the number one issue is how do we create jobs and bring unemployment rate down and keep jobs in america. two of the first three bills the republicans introduced
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have nothing to do with creating jobs. they seem to be targeted at making political points with their base. so we are perplexed about what the majority is trying to do. we really think we should spend time thinking about how to create good jobs. >> shannon: one of the key witnesses this week before the budget committee was rick foster, the chief actuary for medicare and medicaid. republican seemed buoyed by what he had to say. as far as the cost impact of healthcare. and what it would mean. he was asked does this bill, as it currently stands, fulfill the promise to lower healthcare cost for americans? he said i would say false. this is a numbers guy. how do you respond to his testimony? >> the non-partisan budget office says if you repeal the bill you'll have a $230 hit to the deficit in the next two years. so people can have different opinions. i think we can do more to save more money with the healthcare
12:16 pm
bill. but we need to make sure we do it in a way that protects americans rights to buy healthcare insurance that will be affordable and protects the rights of seniors to have affordable and high quality healthcare. that's really the rub. you reduce benefit in a draconian way, but it won't give them the healthcare they need. we need to look for savings but be careful we're not just cutting people's ability to get high quality healthcare. >> shannon: speaking of savings turn to debt and deficit. the debt ceiling and the there are a lot of fiscal issues to tackle. both sides said there has to be sacrifices and cuts. do you think there will be common ground?
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>> we are all concerned about the deficit apted restoring the economy. there are different approaches. we don't want to just see a huge cut that might cut jobs. some of the things proposed would cut police officers and firefighters and so draconian a lot of people would lose their job. in my opinion we can't take anything off the table. if you cut discretionary spending you can't have enough cuts to balance the budget. we need to look at military and is there waste in the military. we need to look at agriculture studies. look at the bipartisan commission to see if there are adjustments to make to some of the entitlement program. if you made minor
12:18 pm
adjustmentses right now to future beneficiaries, not current beneficiaries you can see great savings down the road without really impacting anybody that much. >> shannon: all right. congresswoman, we thank you for your time today. good see you. >> great to be on. thank you, shannon. >> shannon: looks like it could be a stormy sunday in south and west. northeast. possibly bracing for another storm later this week. check in with chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at fox weather center. hi, rick. >> you know there will be storms for a lot of people this weekend. there will be some of the coldest air you've seen all season long as well. the temps today, across the south, beautiful. 70 in atlanta. this is cold air. watch this tomorrow. we see the cold air dive deeper in across the central plains. eventually in toward the south. we'll talk about the tetches dropping in some cases by -- temps dropping in some cases 50 degrees by tuesday. the highs for your monday.
12:19 pm
23 in denver. you're still 64 in dallas. but take a look at this. by the time we get to today on tuesday. bottom drops out of all of it went i'll talk about some extremely cold temps. probably the coldest temp we have seen in almost a decade across this area. then we have a storm to talk about and i'll be back next hour to talk more about that. >> shannon: we'll look forward to details. thank you. weather conditions in guthrie, oklahoma, are not helping firefighters bat a grass fire there. flames forced the closure of state highway for hours apted the blaze torched a six-square mile area. officials say they do have the fire mostly contained, but gusty winds are hampering the effort. no report of injury. chaos in egypt, curfew has been in effect for three hours but not stopping protesters. weave a look inside from a man, an american in the middle of it all. next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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>> shannon: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is speaking out for the first time since the violence erupted in egypt. netanyahu says he is closely watching the event unfold and tells the cabinet peace between israel and egypt held for more than three decades and it's our goal to maintain these ties." netanyahu also said he spoke last night with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. egypt's president named a new vice president in hopes of easing tension in the country, but how has this affected the protest. sara is a freelance journalist in cairo to give us insider account. thank you for joining us. what is the current situation?
12:24 pm
what are you seeing? >> well, i can tell you that there are ton of people in the square defying curfew. they're chanting and they show no sign of leaving. >> >> is there violence, and is it coming from the military or police on scene or relatively calm? >> i have to tell you, i was in the square in and out all day. this is the peaceful exuberant environment i've seen. the violence that has been reported, first there has been no police on the streets that i have seen. just the army. there is chanting in support of the army. violence, we think it was a problem last night. when it came to looting.
12:25 pm
>> shannon: do you think we're closer to a conclusion at this point or is it still a growing, festering sort of protest movement at this point? or are people seeing there is resolution in sight? >> i think it's hard to tell. i think it really depends on the actions of the army and whether or not they fire on the people. i think that the people i spoke to today in the square said they weren't leaving until mubarak and everybody else leaves with him. >> shannon: all right. we thank you for the inside account. stay safe and we'll check back in with you. thank you. >> thanks. have a great day. >> shannon: all right. guards are protecting cairo egyptian museum after looters broke in yesterday and officials said they ripped the heads off of two mumnies and danieled several -- damaged priceless artifacts. they have been placed to historic landmarks to prevent looters from damaging them. could overthrowing the government allow terrorists to seize power in egypt that's a
12:26 pm
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. egyptian president hosni mubarak just met with the country military leaders. the military stepped in to help the police keep protesters under control. mubarak's new vice president suleiman was at the meeting as
12:30 pm
was the defense minister and his chief of staff. thousands of protesters flood streets of egypt city for a sixth day, the uprising is prompting protests all over the u.s. at home. peter doocy is standing by with more on that and the other top headlines. hi, peter. >> demand for egyptian president hosni mubarak's resignation is heard in several american cities today. ups of demonstrators in chicago gathered for a pro-democracy rally in front of the egyptian consulate yesterday. other protesters hit the street of new york, san francisco, washington and atlanta. the message: it's time for the u.s. to quit backing mubarak and support ordinary egyptians instead. the state department is warning about threat to target in. addser buy january -- azerbaijan. some republicanlaughs say they will use majority in the house
12:31 pm
to push for immigration enforcement, workplace raids. two big g.o.p. names headline celebration commemorating what would have been the 100th birthday of president reagan. sarah palin and dick cheney will speak at a benefit next weekend. those are the top stories. back to you. >> thank you. this is brand new video just in we want to show you. noted opposition leader in egypt, mohamed elbaradei is joining protesters in cairo. you see him in the center of the screen. curfew is in effect there. but it's being ignored. we understand protests are growing and they're joined by elbaradei who had been on house arrest. the officials say the army troops are hunting for the prisoners who escape overnight.
12:32 pm
one with hundreds of militant and 34 members of the banned political parties in the muslim brotherhood were set free as they overtook a facility. now on the lam in egypt. protest in egypt are largery out of people being unhappy with the government. if the current government is overthrown, could the terrorist element take power? joining us to talk about it is tom ridge. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> shannon: the situation is changing hour by hour. what is the current take? >> first, i think at least today it appears that most of the demonstrato and most of the demonstrations are secular. i suspect that lurking within the masses out there are members of the islamic brotherhood. there are probably some supporters and some dissidents out there linked to iran. we have to accept reality that
12:33 pm
they may not be pro-democracy as we view them seeking mubarak resignation. >> shannon: how worried do you think the u.s. is about the potential elements, walking in this as an opportunity in the midst of the chaos? >> they have to be extremely concerns. you are dealing with the military state for 30 years to sadat. boiling point. you have 80 some million people. 30 to 40% living in poverty. there is no pathway from the administration to the institution of democracy or any kind of self-government. you don't have the infrastructure. mohamed elbaradei is trying to position himself as spokesman for them all. there is no central figure that can speak on behalf of the dissidents. very fragile at this point in time. unlike tunisia, the military
12:34 pm
didn't take sides. they want to see what if any change of conflict occurs after the meeting today. >> this morning, they said on fox news sunday that she is interested in a smooth transition, so something untoward to the void now. how careful does the u.s. have to be about making statements, seeming to pull support from him? >> one thing we note, character is the transition will not be smooth. in the ideal world it would be. but transition from a military state to self-government. they are a lot of rough spots in the road ahead.
12:35 pm
at this point in time the administration needs to take a strong stance. we left dem state terrors on the street -- demonstrators on the street in iran, subjugated under ahmadinejad. i don't think we can let the opportunity to support the true prodemocratic forces in this country in egypt. we have can't let them down. >> former secretary of state of homeland security and pennsylvania governor tom ridge, thank you for your time. international space station has a new visitor. progress 41 stocked with supply and birthday gift for the commander. scott kelly, is the twin brother of astronaut mark kelly married to congresswoman gabrielle giffords. life saving new technology could let your car decide if you're too drunk to drive home. julie banderas will fill us in. >> a lot of times people go to the bars and they start to
12:36 pm
drink and they have to find a designated driver. this would relieve you of the stress. you would have a designated driver next to you. that would be your car. cutting edge technology was interesting and unveiled in massachusetts. demonstrated for the officials at a lab outside of boston. this is called the driver alcohol detection system for safety, and it uses the sensor to measure blood alcohol content before the car started by analyzing breath or through the skin using touch-based sensors. placed on the steering wheel or door look. if you are above the legal limit of .08, the car won't start. nearly 11,000 americans died just last year in drunk driving related accidents. about one-third of all roadway related fatalities. ray lahood says the new
12:37 pm
technology could cut the figure drastically. >> it may be departure warning and adaptive cruise control to avert crashes, injuries apt fatalities before they occur. it could become an arrow in the automote i safety quiver. >> developers say the technology would be less intrusive than interlock system that forces drivers to blow in breath testing device for the car to start. the 10 million system has its fair share of critics too and they argue it's too expensive for mass production. stopping completely sober people from driving perhaps. the developers insist it will not installed on every car and it's not desiped to keep people having wine or beer at a ballgame so they will have plenty of too make it
12:38 pm
foolproof. >> shannon: julie banderas, thank you. >> online protesters are getting attention online. we came across one with half a million hits. we look at how the internet helps the protesters here and abroad. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums ♪ work, work all week long ♪ punching that clock from dusk till dawn ♪
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>> shannon: this clip is one of hundreds of online postings of protest in egypt. this caught our attention and this has half a million hits. creator of the video claims to be an egypt man named tamer shaban and the video included a warning if the post is flagged or removed it will be uploaded ten more times. more interesting, some are using the comment section to post i.p. address to bypass the government internet block. what are they using to work around the social media freeze? joining me is dan costa. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: this is something we saw on the street of iran when we were having protest there.
12:43 pm
if someone is going to crack down they will go to twitter and youtube and other places to get the message out to the world. >> that is right. at the beginning of the protest, there is talk about switter and pace book is used to organize the protest. those sites have been blocked within iran. we're starting to see that the organizing of the protest isn't the real effect. it's getting their word out and getting the pictures out. getting the videos out. showing the rest of the world what is going on side egypt. that is the real power of social media is. >> shannon: is it possible for any government to shut down outlet within the border? >> you know, it's interesting. egypt has done a pretty effective job of it. there is only inside egypt and four are shut down. one that is left is obviously under a lot of strain.
12:44 pm
but shutting them down doesn't keep me sanel getting out. people are using voice calls to call people outside of egypt and they are posting me sanels and posting test. the me sanel gets out anyway. >> we have seen it a bit in monitoring what is going on. calling to people in state and other countries, dictating to what they are seeing and e-mailing video, pictures to them. it sounds like there are ways around. the world gets a good look at what is happening. >> even if you cut off the connection, there are so many cell phone inside and photos and networks are pumping out video. it's not that they were broadcast once and you move to the next story. videos will be remixed like the video you u.s.? showed. the effect is enduring.
12:45 pm
>> shannon: dan costa, thank you for your insight. good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: well, some economists say the conflict in egypt will lead to attacks on the world. higher oil prices could mean you at home will pay more for other things from milk to soap. we break it down, next. i can't believe i used to swing ov those rocks... took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in paents who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ fele announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including peoe with liver problems
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>> shannon: the top stories we're following including the latest in egypt. new video of egyptian activist, nobel peace prize laureate mohamed elbaradei who has joined protesters in the ki owe main square. a -- cairo main square. he called for the egyptian president to step down. secretary of state hillary clinton just wrapping up several appearances on the sunday shows herself is now heading to haiti to mediate a political crisis unfolding there. during her visit, secretary clinton will meet with president rene preval and the candidates fighting to take his play. haiti runoff is in march. . wikileaks is getting competition. two former staff members launched their own site called open leagues. julian assange will appear on "60 minutes" and denies he had
12:50 pm
any part in cables made public. those are the top stories now. >> shannon: crisis in egypt could be felt by many of us at the gas bump and grocery store and many places beyond. joining us is the president of the pen financial group. great to see you today. let's talk about the underlying issue of oil. how precarious is it when we talk about suez canal involved? how is it impact in impacting p? >> we have liquefied natural gas. it has to get through to make a way to north america. if it's shut down through the crisis going on in egypt, you sudply have to take 14 to 17 days to same it back around. it will ruin the supply of oil. it should shoot oil above $100 a bare and it will affect us in the gasoline tanks.
12:51 pm
so this is something we need to keep a close eye on as americans. >> petroleum is used in many items. >> what is the ramification beyond the gas pump? >> gas pump is bad enough already. there are grains making it way as well. if we a crumple in soy bean or rice or corn, we see it passed to the food prices. they have to patch that to the higher prices to us. we can see the bread and anything that uses the grain rising dramatically. even our meat, because the cattle and they eat grain.
12:52 pm
a lot of plastics use the material, meaning the petroleum products. prices are higher again. we get hurt. coming out of an economy, consumers must keep close eye on egypt. this could hurt us dramatically in the u.s. economy. >> shannon: we saw oil prices spiking, heading upward on friday. but the gold prices as well were up. what is the connection here? it's looked upon as safety. if there is terrorist attack you will see the money flow to what they consider a safe haven. that could be gold or silver. silver is up 3% on friday. we see it move higher. gold is only a month off the all-time high. good chance to see money silver, gold, platinum,
12:53 pm
palladium. they feel like they can hold something and have piece of metal worth more than currency. they want physical metal. that's safety we see it run into. >> shannon: great to see you. thank you. >> some americans are participating in protest in the u.s. they're not all united in the attention of who is to blame for the uprising. we hear differing views from people across the u.s. next. >> 30 years. let's have a true democracy. crazy. [ chanting ] . ready sensei.
12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
>> shannon: a couple of rallies held across the country in response to the political affront in egypt. appearance drea day has more reaction from the egyptians living right here in the u.s.
12:57 pm
>> i am so proud personally and i think we should keep going and so they reach their goals. >> a moment he thought would never come. inside this egyptian cafe they are hanging on every word, watching every move. >> we fear about the future of the country but it is not going to be much worse than what it is right now. >> as protesters push through the streets of cairo, muhammad is worried sick. his family is hiding out inside their home. >> what do they say it is like to be this in the middle of it? >> chaos. with the police not being present it is dangerous. you never know what is going to happen. >> with cell service and the internet shut down reaching them has been tough. >> i tried calling many times. >> at jfk airport, some major carriers calling off flights. delta now reporting its service from cairo will be indefinitely
12:58 pm
suspended. egypt air also suspending flights. >> people will not go. >> that was fox affiliate wnyw's andrea day reporting. >> shannon: we are starting a new hour here on america's news headquarters. more turmoil in egypt as the government appears to be unraveling. cairo starting hour four of a curfew but protesters start ignoring it. rick palkot is on the ground in the capital city. first we check in with peter doocy. >> here in washington, surprising bipartisanship. so far, congressional leaders say they are pleased with the president's handling of the volatile situation in egypt. many took to the sunday shows this morning including republican speaker of the house john boehner.
12:59 pm
he was here and has been highly critical of the obama administration on a number of major issues in recent months told chrisrning cold chris wallace that he thinks the president has done a fair job of dealing with this very delicate situation. >> i think our administration so far has handled this tense situation pretty well. clearly reforms need to occur in egypt and, frankly, any around the world where people are calling out for freedom and democracy. >> he added we do have a responsibility to respond. he doesn't know with fair elections or some sort of democratic reform would please the egyptian people. one of boehner's counter parts chuck schumer said egypt has been a long standing force in
1:00 pm
the middle east. he said based on the strength and size of the protests egyptians might only be ready to accept a major change. >> and weedon have the sound bite but he said you can't have democracy in the snap of a finger but egypt may want that. >> shannon: thank you very much. you night want to know more about the vice presidential man who now holds that title in egypt. as it has been descending into chaos the president hosni mubarak was forced to make this move. he hasn't had a vice president for three years but has one now. omar suleiman was named to the post yesterday. he is a close confidante of mubarak's. the 74-year-old has strong diplomatic credentials and played a key role in the palestinian peace process. he is an influencual military figure. he rose through the ranks and fought in two wars against
1:01 pm
israel. he is credited with once saving mubarak's life by insisting that he ride in an armored car that was later attacked by a gunman. we are hearing now for the first time from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today. he says he is vigilantly monitoring the unrest in egypt and is hoping to maintain the 30 year peace between israel and egypt despite the crisis. leland is following all the reaction in israel. hello, leland. >> hi, than shop. it is amazing when you watch this development. there has been a full lid put on any type of media comments by a member of the israeli government. the only thing we heard is that the prime ministers are vigilantly watching things. the stock market here in israel was vigilantly watching as well. prices down almost 4% today, sunday is a trading day on fears that the egyptian crisis will shut off the fuel supply here to israel. of course, there is a huge strategic issue in egypt.
1:02 pm
if you go ahead and take a look at the map and really shows you what is going on. you see all of the countries in green. those are the hard line islamic states who would just as soon push israel into the mediterranean sea. israel has two friends. jordan in yellow and egypt in yellow. see if the regime change happens in egypt it turns to green as well with a hard line islamic regime, it is a very, very dangerous situation for the israelis. of course, egypt was the first cuptry to make peace with israel back in 1970s. egypt has relied on israel to help with the arab world. the vice president of egypt was instrumental in that and also helping trying to curtail smuggling and arms smuggling along the georgia da borde gaz. instrumental part of israel foreign policy.
1:03 pm
they have been able to count on press mubarak and the thought that he would leave is concerning. the more concerning thought is okay, he is gone, what comes in? if it is a hard line islamic a regime like tay ron i tehran ie 70s. folks in israel are extraordinarily nervous is an understatement. >> shannon: a lot of folks worried about the parallel there's. leland vittert live in jerusalem tracks you. we turn to greg palkot. he is on the ground in the capital city to give us the latest there. i know we are several hours into a curfew. that it sounds like not a lot of people are actually obeying. >> we are actually three or four hours into that. some parts of cairo in fact all pretty quiet but in the center of cairo, tens of thousands of
1:04 pm
protesters gathering demanding what they have been demanding for the past six days. the end of the regime of hosni mubarak, the president of egypt. now, in the crowd just in the past hour and a half or so, an interesting development, shannon. the formerrer nuclear watch dog agency, and now egyptian government critic muhammad elbaradeed i has waded in there. he has been under house arrest since friday. claims he is now receiving a mandate from the protesters to form a national unity government. we will see how this develops. can this be something that the protesters can coalesce around. we were at that scene. here is what it looks like and feels like for our viewers. take a look. >> you are are looking at the epicenter of the unrest in cairo, egypt.
1:05 pm
this is tahrir square. liberation square. this is where we have seen so many bloody clashes between police and protesters the last couple of days. it is sunday in egypt and should be a work day. thousands more protesters out on the streets here, angry with their president, saying they want their president to leave. as we with see right through here we can see the egyptian military as well. they are now keeping calm here. for the moment at least there is an uneasy alliance between the two groups. gone are police. police are off the streets and that means insecurity. questions for the country's future. >> meanwhile, at the cairo airport, shannon, crowds of tourists, american and others are trying to get out. the u.s. embassy telling me today that they are advising americans here to consider leaving. also those considering coming to stop that consideration. also, come diplomats being advised to think about leaving
1:06 pm
as well with their families. we understand that extra planes are being laid on beginning tomorrow to help along this exit. all the while, shannon, president mubarak putting on the show of being in control. we saw him on state television today appearing at a command center with his newly named vice president and we also experienced about an hour and a half some of his fighter jets from his air force buzzing cairo, another show of force from the government here, shannon. >> shannon: thank you so much for taking us right inside right to the frontlines essentially. we'll check back with you. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says she and president obama want to send a very clear message about the united states position on egypt. chris as the situation is still unfolding in egypt you had a chance to talk with secretary clinton and ask her if she is satisfied so far with what press mubarak has done. >> and the answer is no and she
1:07 pm
was pretty clear are about that. that as one of her aides, call it, reshuffling the deck and taking the intelligence chief and making him vice president and another of the cronies and making him prime minister isn't enough but they have to deal with the demands and they say legitimate demands of the egyptian protesters and she kept talking about a transition to democratic government. you get a sense she certainly wasn't saying they are pulling the plug on mubarak but that the u.s. support for mubarak is limited in time. >> shannon: you also talked to her about the concern many have that there could we at least for a short time a void there and what may step up and fill it. >> exactly. and that has been the card mubarak has played for 30 years. if i go and if you put too much pressure on me and i topple then you will get an islamic regime and you will get another iran. and she expressed that concern saying look, we don't want chaos.
1:08 pm
we want an orderly transition. we don't want a void that can be filled by any one. ideally what they would like to see whether it is sooner or later, there were elections already scheduled for september is to see an orderly transition to a democratic government. the question is whether the events and the people in the streets of cairo are going to allow that kind of orderly transition. >> shannon: you have a new speaker of the house john boehner with his first sunday interview since becoming speaker and dove in on a number of top issues. this upcoming vote on the debt ceiling and also the continuing resolution, a number of fiscal issues that have to be worked out. how republicans will handle that. >> first of all, on spending and that is the first one on domestic spending. he -- without -- he basically -- i'm trying to think exactly how he would but it. he basically rule out all of the so called investments that the president proposed in the state of the union.
1:09 pm
he said we want spending cuts not spending increases and want to go back to 2008 prestimulus, prebailout levels. he is talking about a dramatic cut of about 20%. he did say because the democrats have been - playing p that would mean thousands of kids out of head start and 20,000 agents out of the fbi. he emphasized not 20% across the board. he talked about ending tarp and the bailouts and trying to end federal support for freddy and fannie mae. >> you also asked him about something that a lot of folks have keyed in on. he is very emotional at times. >> i wasn't going to ask about it but so many of the people said why does he cry so much. we showed an example in the state of the union. it is one of the things i must say i find most charming about john boehner. not the crying but he seems to be a man without ego.
1:10 pm
the old cliche what you see what what you get. i can tell you that long before he became speaker i did a couple of events with him, charity events and he cried, you know, at the drop of a hat in those events. it is who he is. he said i'm not going to change. then i asked him about quitting smoking because i said a lot of us want to see him around for awhile. he said leave me alone so that was the end of the interview. >> shannon: and you did, too. thank you very much. >> shannon: catch chris wallace's exclusive interview and get his reaction to chris smoking question right after the show and it will air along with chris' interview with secretary of state hillary clinton at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. joining us with more on the situation in egypt and the long-term implications for the rest of the middle east, the president of the arab american institute and author of a new book arab voices. also, dr. aaron david miller. a former middle east peace negotiator and woodrow wilson
1:11 pm
scholar. welcome to youing. >> thank. >> pleasure to be here, shannon. >> i will start with you. what impact do you think it has now that muhammad elbaradei has joined the protests out in the open. >> the question is will he be able to run for president. is that not known yesterday and something they have to through in terms of the ruling party that exist. if he does, i think he will do well. he is probably the only person right now, who has a national profile. he is not a charismatic figure to be sure but he is somebody who has been able to bring together a number of factions. there are others who might enter the fray if the situation opens up. but to date baradei is the one big game in egypt. >> shannon: is it possible to overstate what impact of what happens egypt and also u.s.
1:12 pm
interests there? >> it is not. we are on the cusp of possible transformation of change in the region. egypt is the most important largest arab army. cultural intellectual center of the arab world. as goes egypt may go the rest of the world. once you take the lid off of an authorityian society which is this large you set precedence and patterns that others may follow. the challenge for the administration is to try to thread fine needles first identify the forces of political change, peaceful change. number two, don't throw mubarak under the bus quite yet because who knows there is the chance that he may survive. and number three, keep america out of being the central part of this story. this is driven by local developments. and we may well have to sit on the sidelines for awhile to see where the developments lead. >> shannon: and president mubarak, how long does he last? will he go before the elections
1:13 pm
and survive the elections? any chance of that? >> i think that is going to be the big question. a friend of mine suggested a short while ago that he was one of the leading analysts in egypt said what a scenario might be would be that mubarak would announce that he wouldn't run and he would resolve parliament and make it a full and open election. the last election was not well received and the turnout was really low. but i don't think we know what he will do. i think he certainly will survive to the next. the military is not going to step in and say get out and he does have a base of support in the country. demonstrations i think are important and i think that they indicate a level of self-empowerment among egyptians but i wouldn't overstate the case. there is still a tremendous support base mubarak has in the military and among elements in the society. with regard to aaron's point i
1:14 pm
think that egypt is pivotal in some ways. but i wouldn't exaggerate. very few countries actually cut caught the bug and it became a point of contention. each of the countries in the arab world despite the fact there is an arab culture and a degree of unity there are some unique differences that do ultimately carry the day. lebanon, saudi arabia is saudi arabia and i think that we have to be careful about this spreading notion. >> shannon: dr. miller, there has been discussion about what we do here in the u.s. and how delicately we balance our diplomacy in the region but what about the other countries, israel, lebanon, saudi arabia, the others, what might they be doing at this point? >> jim is right there is no cookery cutter approach to this, that is, correct. the reality is many of the regimes same problems that you face in egypt characterize them
1:15 pm
as well. divisions between thes have and have notes over economic resources. divisions between the cans and cannots. those who can participate in the governance and those who cannot. they have a peace treaty with the egyptians and they are watching carefully. i think the peace process will in fact be a casualty of this. no one is really governing right now. give wan is happening in egypt a state in the process perhaps of undergoing fundamental changes is going to want to make concessions in this case to a palestinian authority which is deeply divided. the lebanese have their own issues at the moment with respect to the influence on the streets and the syrian role. i think without exaggeration i think jim is absolutely right. there are moments in the region where you do in fact witness profounding transformational change. we are in the middle of such a moment and there is no question that the way this plays out is going to affec affect our intes
1:16 pm
over the course of the next decade. the regime is now more open to public opinions want to cooperate with the united states on counter terrorism? will the regimes want to cooperate on the issue on iran sanctions and will -- can we depend on them with respect to support opt arab israeli peace process? you are witnessing a major change until their politics right now and i think jim is 100% right as are you. it is extremely difficult right now to devine precisely where it is head. >> i think the answer to these questions aaron asked is probably know and that is i think the profound change that is underway. i mean people in egypt love the american people. their love of values. they really hate our policies. and the government has been delegitimatized.
1:17 pm
they find is disturbing their government looks like what the british used to call blair the poodle they feel that sense of humiliation. i think this is a difficult time. aaron is right when says this is the time to keep a bit of a low profile. we don't have the bona fide in the region to be dramatic advocates for change. we have to thread that needle as carefully as the administration has threaded and let it thing play out careful not to step into something that we can't back away from and careful not to move in a direction that we don't know the consequences of when it is over. >> shannon: and gentlemen, we have to leave it there. thank you both for lending us your expertise today. >> thank you. >> pleasure, shannon. >> shannon: northeast australia is bracing for a major storm set to hit areas already ravaged by foods. meteorologists say cyclone
1:18 pm
anthony is expected to hit queensland state today or tomorrow. heavy rains have killed 35 people and caused major damage across the area. cities like class and denver expected to drop 30 degrees. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is here to tell us more. >> 40, maybe 50 by the time we get to tuesday from yesterday's high. big changes there. take a look at radar picture. right here the moisture down across the gulf, this is going to be kind of part of the impetus for the next storm moving on in and it will be a good storm for a lot of us. that energy is going to get tapped into by this storm that is moving into california right now and this is a tuesday wednesday storm and over those couple of days take a look at how much precipitation is going to be falling. it is all rained across the south so that is good news. notice this right here. a very significanting area of icing. places like st. louis, indianapolis, maybe even up around the cleveland area a significant ice storm tuesday,
1:19 pm
tuesday night. that is dangerous across those roads. just to the north of it probably the heaviest of the snowfall is around chicago where they will get the lake enhanced snow at least and we have blizzard watches in effect for the chicago area. once you move in towards the northeast also talking snow across the interior sections and a mix maybe freezing rain in places like, new york, and towards boston. at this point shannon for you guys in d.c. mostly rain. certainly would be good news after these last storms. >> still have a lot of snow out there to melt as i know you to as well, rick. thank you. you get. president obama covered a lot of ground during his state of the union address but noticeably absent was mention of the huge bp oil spill as the gulf coast is still struggling to recover and new the developing situation in egypt. democrat marry landrieu and democrat david vitter took notice. we will talk to senator vitter after the break.
1:20 pm
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1:23 pm
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. guards are now protecting cairo's egyptian museum. looters broke in yesterday. officials say the looters ripped the heads off two mummies and damaged several other priceless artifacts. already the effects of what is happening in egypt are being felt right here in the u.s. worries over control of the suez canal caused the largest
1:24 pm
sing the day spike for a barrel of crude oil. that has senator landrieu calling on president to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. they say it will prevent americans from having to pay $5 a gallon of gas or even more. congressman landrieu is among those who watched president obama's state of the union address and were surprised at hear nothing mention of the bp oil spill in the state of the union address. well, that was democratic senator mary landrieu. a bit of trouble with the audio. president bush was criticized in 2007 for not mentioning hurricane katrina during his state of the union address. an up close and personal look. republican day visi vitter. thank you for joining us today. >> it hasn't even been a here since the explosion that claimed some lives and rollouts
1:25 pm
and not the impact of the spill itself on the economy there. were you surprised it didn't get a mention this week? >> i wasn't shocked. i was certainly disappointed. first of all, no mention of the spill and the environmental issue. secondly, he did mention only our domestic oil and gas industry and that is the continuing devastation that followed the spill. president obama's de facto moratorium shutting down production and activity in the gulf and that has really been very, very hurtful for our louisiana economy and for the nation's economy. >> shannon: we mentioned that your colleague congressman landrieu called on the president to each some of the moratoriums and restrictions that still exist on offshore drilling. what is your position? >> well, i absolutely agree. it is not either or. i think americans have a lot of common sense and they are tired of this stale either or debate and quite frankly i think they are tired of president obama's
1:26 pm
stale rhetoric about oil and gas being the energy of the past. in it is the energy of the past he shouldn't get on air force one and use that jet fuel to fly around the country. it is the energy of the present and it is going to be for awhile. we are all for a transition to new energy sources but we need to get to that new energy future and we need a bridge to that future. and in light of all that, we need to use our domestic resources including in the gulf of mexico. >> shannon: do you think that the situation in egypt as it escalates there, weedon really know what the outcome is going to be at this point but because the potential is there to impact the suez canal do you think that is going to reignite debate and possibly help you in your request? >> i think it is only a matter of time before the price at the pulp of goes up dramatically. it has been creeping up significantly. it is only a matter of time before it goes up even more. whether it is because of the suez canal in egypt or just
1:27 pm
world conditions and when that americans americans as they did in the summer of 2008 are going to wake up and say wait a minute, why aren't we accessing our domestic energy resources. and they are right, we should be doing that in the gulf and elsewhere. >> shannon: i want to ask you about another topic that you are involved with if your colleague senator rand paul. what you are asking is that the states not recognize illegal ail, yeps, they don't get automatic citizenship unless one parent is legal citizen or a member of the armed forces or legalized citizen. this is a controversial move. how do you think it will be received on capitol hill? >> you say it is controversial. when i talk to real people in the real world whether it is in louisiana or elsewhere. they don't think it is controversial at all. they think the notion that a child born here of two illegal aliens automatically being a
1:28 pm
citizen is outrageous. and then when i tell them that that is true of 300,000 to 400,000 kids born here who become citizens even though both of their parents were illegal aliens they are stunned. clearly the drafters of the 14th amendment did not have that in mind. they drafted the 14th amendment to address slavery, not immigration. >> all right. well, we will watch this legislation and as it winds through capitol hill we hope you will come back and talk about it. thanks so much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: and egypt unravels anxious allies are watching and waiting including here in the u.s. will washington's support of president mubarak weaken as it faces this critical challenge? we will tell you what secretary of state hillary clinton had to say to funds "fox news sunday,.
1:29 pm
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1:32 pm
>> shannon: at this hour, the military is making no effort to disburse thousands of protesters in it cairo's main square despite a curfew. meanwhile, police are return to the streets after virtually disappearing for a couple of days, creating a security vacuum of sorts. this as thousands of protesters flood the treats of egypt's city for a sixth day. the uprising is causing demonstrators here at home to show their solidarity.
1:33 pm
>> demands for hosni mubarak its resignation being heard in american cities today. hundreds quartered in chicago in front of the egyptian consultate yesterday. other protesters in new york, san francisco, washington and atlanta. the message, it is time for the u.s. to quit backing mubarak and support ordinary egyptians instead. the state department is warning americans about a terrorist threat to western targets in abjan. a new security warning is urging u.s. citizens to be more vigilant in the oil rich former soviet republic. some republican lawmakers saying they will use their new majority in the house to push for more immigration enforcement including a return to work place raids and the starts set to shine at the shrine exhibition center for the screen actor's guild awards. the awards ceremony hosted by
1:34 pm
actor jeremy rener. award broadcast live at live 8:00 p.m. attorney o eastern o. >> shannon: the pressure on the u.s. grows to re evaluate its relationship. it calls for an -- >> the u.s. is going to maintain a very difficult balance here to fully embrace the demands for change in egypt without calling for the departure of the egyptian leader hosni mubarak who has long resisted such reforms but is also one of the closest u.s. allies in the region. secretary of state hillary clinton walks that fine line on "fox news sunday" this morning referring to the "legitimate grievances of the egyptian people." >> well, we have been very clear that we want to see a transition to democracy and we want to see the kind of steps
1:35 pm
taken that will bring that about. we also want to see an orderly transition. >> an orderly transition suggests new leadership as well as new policies. so far, the protests although violent have been secular, aimed more at democratic and economic reforms with no evidence that radical islamic groups are behind them. but the u.s. appears to believe that the sooner the reforms are undertaken the less risk there is the movement could be hijacked by radical islamic groups or that the situation could get worse. >> clearly what we don't want is chaos. i don't think the egyptian people want that. they want their grievances to be addressed. we also don't want to see some takeover that would lead not to democracy but to oh presentation. >> that would be the worst -- but to oppression. >> tunisia recently ousted its leaders there recently and people saying that was the beginning of a democratic
1:36 pm
tsunami in the arab world. mubarak did appoint a vice president after leaving the post vacant for his almost 30 years in power. those in the streets and some opposition leaders warn the protests will continue until he and those connected to him are gone leaving questions about what would follow. the u.s. has been you restructg egyptian president to meet with concrete reform. the u.s. insisting on a smooth transition. >> shannon: joining us, michael sawyer. former head of the cied a bin laden counter terrorism unit. thanks for copping in today. >> you are welcome. >> a group not classified by the u.s. as a terror group the muslim brotherhood getting a lot of attention for what role they are playing in egypt.
1:37 pm
they are currently banned from holding gloves they were formed in 1928. a very strictly islamic organization that desires to see islamic governments put into place across the middle east, not only in egypt. it is very much in line with the goals for example of osama bin laden if not the tactics. but it grew up as initially a violent group as well as a political group. it just has emphasized politics over the last 40 years. >> shannon: and we have seen reports maybe it has changed over the years but it denounces violence. >> it denounces violence primarily to be able to maintain a presence in the muslim world whether it is in syria or jordan or egypt. what it would advocate once it was in power and sharing power is a different matter. but i think the one thing to keep in mind is that the biggest winner in all of this are the people who are actually
1:38 pm
fighting to drive the united states out of the middle east. people that are inspired by osama bin laden and other islamics because any government that replaces the government in yemen or tunisia or in egypt will be much more islamic than it was only in mrs. clinton's fantasy dream dreams is there g to be a transition to democracy. and in addition the tyrannies that have governed in the middle east, jordan, syria, egypt, saudi arabia, are essential to israel's security. they have controlled orders continuous with islamists krall suppressed hundreds of millions of muslims who would like to see israel destroyed. the real beneficiary is not western style democracy, that is a pipe dream. it is a much stronger trend toward islam in the muslim world. >> shannon: so you think there is no possibility what the u.s.
1:39 pm
at least publicly we are expect to happen that a democracy has any chance? >> just as much chance as it had in iraq which is precisely steer row. zero. that the character wrote in the post this morning that bushes plan of destroying saddam so democracy would grow, it is exactly the opposite. the forces at play in egypt are not elbaradei who is a doesn't man and a westernized democratic person but ultimately people who believe in a more islamic government. what we have done in iraq and by supporting tyranny in egypt is paveed the way for a much more islamist political system over time. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome, ma'am. thank you. >> shannon: more names being tossed around as probable 2012 contenders and a lot of talk swirling around mississippi governor hailey barbour.
1:40 pm
the two term governor says he is still considering whether or not to run. he will have a final decision in april. up next, we will get thoughts on 2012 and how the white house is handling this situation now in egypt. for pain? oh, bayer aspirin? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. it works great f pain. [ male announcer nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] to the site of pain. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ]
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organizerrers not wasting any time. they are already preparing to challenge some of the longest serving republican incumbents in 2012. tea partyers signed a declaration to support a tea party candidate. they want to avoid what happened last year when some tea party candidates split the vote in primaries. minnesota congress woman michele bachmann is leading the tea party charge in the house. she delivered the tea party response to the state of the union address. we are joined by our political panel. former advisor to john kerry maryan marsh and doug. doug, let me start with congress woman bachman. raised eyebrows when she decided to give a response to the state of the union. official response came from
1:45 pm
paul ryan. >> we are all getting along. one constant in politics. two in the state of the union. one is that sheila jackson-lee is going to be camped out on an aisle seat to get a hug and kiss from the president which she did the other night and the other is that 435 members of congress and 100 nors ar 100 se going to be giving responses. clearly congressman bachman's response was a higher profile. when you hear the words tea party journalists react to that like teams react to the words justin bieber. >> sheila jackson-lee, justin bieber there is a lot? that response. is the tea party going to create problems for republicans and democrats allot? >> they were unwilling or unable to shop michele bachmann
1:46 pm
from giving her response. at the top of the sentiment you mentioned it already tea parties recruiting their own candidates to run against incumbent sitting senators up in 2012 and that is the start. they are doing the same for the house when you have all of the house up in 2012. they are recruiting candidate there's as well and their own candidates are on probation. the republicans have a fight within their own party and with the democrats and that makes it hard not only to work together. it makes it especially tough to win elections. >> shannon: what do you do with the fact that you may have incumbents, established gop senators and congress men and women being challenged? how does the gop make nice with that? >> i would agree. members are on probation. that is whey w why we have eles and the term limits. i don't see our party being divided. when a party wins we ascend into things. we ascended into a majority and we talk about problems that are great problems to have.
1:47 pm
the reality is 19 democrats vote the against nancy pelosi to be the minority of the house. that is a party that is divided. when parties lose they divide. when parties win, they come together and they move forward. and that is what we are seeing right now. >> shannon: quickly i want to ask you about the senate tea party caucus. not quite as robust as what we are seeing in the house. do you think they pick up any traction on that side? >> here is where weeing in the senate you have the luckry of -- here is where being in the senate you have the luxury of serving six years. she arwe'll see if the tea pary holds them accountable five and a half years from now. >> stick around. that is not it for the panel. coming back after the break we will talk about who is on the fast track for 2012 and the white house and who is not. stick around. ve my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know, know you
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following at this hour on america's news headquarters. word now that police are returning to the streets of cairo after being virtually absent for two days. the police were pulled after president mubarak sent in the army on friday. looting and robbery have continued, prompting some residents to arm themselves. thousands gathered in tahrir
1:52 pm
square to pray for those killed in the six days of protest so far. at least 100 people have been killed since the demonstrations began on tuesday. hundreds more have been injured. the unrest in egypt is also creating unease on wall street. u.s. stocks dropped sharply in the fears of global financial anxiety. the dow closed just below 12,000. similar losses in asian and european markets as well. secretary of state hillary clinton is wrapping up appearances on the sunday shows. they will be going to haiti. the presidential runoff in haiti is in march. those are some of the top stories for now,. the white house says it is closely monitoring the developments in egypt as americans are being warned about travel to the region. we are back with the political panel to talk about who may be sitting in the white house in 2012. the first word to you, who do
1:53 pm
you think the democrats aside, assuming no one challenges president obama who do you think looks good for the gop? >> right now you have to say that mitt romney is the early frontrunner but he was four years ago almost. he won the straw poll up in new hampshire. out with a new book and hitting all of the news shows and has a lot of early people backing him and a lot of early fund raising. heavy and hard in the mid term elections. when you look at the republicans they like to see who is ail terptive. it may -- whose turn it is. it may be romney or palin. i'm keeping my eye on hayley barbour. if you look at the money he raised, do not the underestimate that man. >> and he is familiar to us that work and live inside the beltway and on the gulf. does have have a national presentation? >> he does. republicans throughout the country know the work that he has done not just as governor
1:54 pm
but as former chairman of the republican national committee where he was chairman when we took over the house in 1994. hayley barbour is one of the great candidates that we potentially will have. for the republican party it is almost an embarrassment of riches. tim pawlenty also has a book out and had a successful tour and has been campaigning in key states. we have a lot of candidates that i think will be strong in november of next year if they make it that far. >> shannon: do you think we are talking about two different kinds of candidates. talking about somebody who could rise to the top in a gop field and win that versus who would be the best matchup head to head against president obama? >> it is an extension of the tea party set segment a few mis ago. i think the tea party will have a huge influence on the republican nomination process. normally new hampshire was the opportunity to sort of slow
1:55 pm
down the process from the really conservative christians who tend to get nominated and go with an underdog or someone more moderate. who everwins iowa could sweep the first three contests and the tea party could have a lot to say about who wins the nomination. >> shannon: the tea party impact is that is positive or negative about who rises to the top of the gop? >> it is positive. when you are engaged and active that is a great thing. no democrat would turn down that level of support. protesters take to the streets of cairo as u.s. officials scramble to get americans out of egypt. all the latest on the turmoil as it unfolds coming up in just minutes. [ rge ] psst.
1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
>> shannon: it is now the sixth day of protests drawing to a close but the demonstrations
1:59 pm
are not ending. even sending fighter jets to downtown cairo and closing down roads. but they have made no attempts to dispurse the 5,000 protesters in the square. a short time ago the demonstrators were joined by opposition leader muhammad elbaradei who told them "you are the owners of this revolution." police are back on the streets but as looting and are continues some residents are arming themselves and setting up check points and guards for the individual neighborhoods. the u.s. embassy in cairo has told americans to consider leaving the country as soon as possible. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. you do not want to miss chris wallace's interview with secretary of state hillary clinton. they talk about egypt and now the u.s. is involved at this point and what they expect also.


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